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I turned to the fly life about 12 years ago and so far haven't looked back but I certainly respect all ethical angling methods and techniques.

My wife got me a Cabella's starter tying kit for Christmas in 2009 and something clicked, when I started spending as much time on that vice as the water I realized I was in for the whole party! There is something therapeutic about tying for me which I obviously needed in my life. Basically I love to catch anything and everything on the fly, Panfish, trout, snakehead & bass all get me jacked up but I’m now on my 5th season chasing Muskies and they are one of the few things where the excitement still keeps me up at night. When I started seeing musky flies on the internet around 2016 I just thought they were so beautiful and amazing so I had to get in the game and now 5 years later I have a few patterns that work very well but still love learning new tricks and tips, so many great tiers out there influence me and I am so grateful for what they share with the public.

I am hoping I can help someone find a passion they did not know they had.

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