Steelhead Fly Tying Patterns

Steelhead flies

Fly Fishing for Steelhead

These cold water fish have a strong life on both Northern coasts in North America, Canada and Alaska and are so popular that they have been genetically modified to live in the Great Lakes region as well. Some anglers have gone toe to toe in arguments over what is a steelhead based solely on the region in which it was caught. But wether you fish for them on the coast or in shore they will leave a lasting impression on you for a lifetime.

Known as great fighters with beautiful colors they are perused mainly in the spring and fall by both fly fisherman and tackle fisherman alike! Steelhead will run you to the backing of your reel and make even the biggest fisherman cry for mama when caught in small rivers with lots of wood to hide in and break line off. These fish migrate to spawn and will sometimes hold over in the fall for winter in the rivers and local streams. Unlike their cousins, the Salmon, Steelhead do not die after reproduction but can make multiple runs up river to spawn.

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