Muskie Fly Tying Patterns

Muskie flies

Fly Fishing for Muskie

Saying this name out loud in a bar in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin can really perk up some ears. This Apex predator is on most North American Sportsman’s “Bucketlist”! Growing over 55inches long and a mouth packed with razor sharp teeth it is as close to a fresh water shark as you can get. It preys on most other fish, frogs and turtles and even has been known to take out ducks and other water birds. If you fish by where they live you will no doubt hav e story about a Muskie snatching a perfect fish off your line.

Known as the fish of 10,000 casts don’t plan on catching this wiley ghost in a timely manner, but when you do get one you will see what all the fuss is about. They truly are a masterpiece of thousands of years of evolution. Found in the Great Lakes region and bread and transplanted in parts of North America they swim in some Rocky Mountain reservoirs, Tennessee valley, Virginia rivers and Midwest lake and rivers as well.

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