Brassie Pattern

Brassie Recipe


Hook - Daiichi 1560


Thread - Uni Thread - Black - 6/0


Wire - Uni wire - XS


Feather - Peacock Herl

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Brassie

Midge larva and pupa imitators are highly effective for tailwater trout. This fly is effective on picky trout that have seen it all and want something a bit different. This a great fly in a double rig set up or as a dropper. 3 Materials make up this fly so get on the vise and tie up multiple colors and sizes from 16-22

How to tie the Brassie

Tying Brassie: Step 1
Step 1: Start

Insert hook into your vise and tie in your thread moving down the shank towards the bend, but don’t tie all the way to the bend.

Tying Brassie: Step 2
Step 2: Wire

Tie in your wire and move your thread forward just past the two thirds mark towards the eye of the hook

Tying Brassie: Step 3
Step 3: Abdomen

Wrap the wire in consecutive turns with eac wrap touching till you reach where you stopped the thread. Tie in your wire and trim the tag end.

Tying Brassie: Step 4
Step 4: Peacock

Select two strand of Peacock herl. Trim off the butt section and tie in the remaining but section of each fly. Advance the thread to the eye of the hook

Tying Brassie: Step 5
Step 5: Gills

Wrap both strands of peacock forward towards the eye and tie in.

Tying Brassie: Step 6
Step 6: Finish

Whip finish and trim off the tag end of the peacock. Repeat