Brookie Bug

Brookie Bug Pattern

Brookie Bug Recipe


Hook - Ahrex FW570


Thread - Semperfli Nanosilk - 12/0


Dubbing - Spawn Similar Seal - Shrimp Orange


Feather - Root River Hackle


Feather - CDC

Wing Flash:

Flash - Flash, Flash - Krystal Flash


Foam - Foam - Tan - 2mm


Rubber legs - Centipede legs - XS

Recipe By
Levi Reppert

About the Brookie Bug

This versatile fly was tied up for Brook Trout but could be used for panfish, bass and other species. Levi says he uses it as a general search pattern like a Stimulator or similar. This pattern is easily customizable to match the hatch just by switching colors or dubbing. A great pattern to imitate Caddis, hex or terrestrials as well.

How to tie the Brookie Bug

Step 1: Insert hook into vise

Insert Ahrex hook into the vise

Step 2: Start thread

Tie in Semperfli thread and wrap toward the bend of the hook stop above the barb.

Step 3: Hackle

Select a strand of hackle and tie in then return thread to above the barb

Step 4: Dubbing

Dub in a small amount of Semi Seal and advance to about 75-85% of the way to the hook eye.

Step 5: Palmer

Once the body is dubbed, palmer the hackle towards the eye using as many wraps as you like to make it look “ Buggy” as you want.

Step 6: Wing

Tie off the hackle and snip the tag end. Select two CDC Feathers and tie in making sure the tips are equal to about the end of the flies body.

Step 7: Flash

Select a 3 strands of Krystal flash and tie inter middle and fold back so you now have 6 strands and trim to the same length as the cdc.

Step 8: Foam

Take a piece of 2mm foam slightly wider than the flies body and tie in directly on top of the cdc and flash.

Step 9: Legs

Tie in the legs on both sides of the hook shank. You want the legs to flare out in a “ V “ formation.

Step 10: Head

Dub the thread and wrap under the foam towards the eye to create a head. Whip finish and trim tag end. Trim the foam above the head and behind the fly to create the size you want for the fly.