Bubblehead Pattern

Bubblehead Recipe


Hook - TMC 2488H


Thread - Uni Thread - 8/0


Wire - Uni wire - XS

Wing case:

Beads - Glass Bead - XS

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Bubblehead

This is a great midge emerger/pupa. Thread, bead and a wire is all that makes up the ingredient list so pretty easy. Great little fly for picky pressured trout on the tail waters. Size 18-24 and in black, olive, gray, red and tan are great picks!

How to tie the Bubblehead

Tying Bubblehead: Step 1
Step 1: Start

Insert hook into bead and then into the vise

Tying Bubblehead: Step 2
Step 2: Thread

Start your thread and wrap to the rear of the hook

Tying Bubblehead: Step 3
Step 3: Wire

Tie in your wire and wrap the thread to the 2/3rds. Mark of the hook

Tying Bubblehead: Step 4
Step 4: Ribbing

Wrap your wire up the shank toward the eye leaving space between wraps stopping at the 2/3rds. Mark and tie in. Ad a few extra wraps and whip finish the thread and trim the tag end of wire and thread

Tying Bubblehead: Step 5
Step 5: Head

Push the bead back against the wire and thread and tie in thread behind the eye of the hook. Create a head by wrapping thread back and forth from the eye to the bead and back again.

Tying Bubblehead: Step 6
Step 6: Finished

Whip finish and trim off tag end. Great little dropper to drift to trout