Chernobyl Caddis

Chernobyl Caddis Pattern

Chernobyl Caddis Recipe


Hook - Ahrex FW502


Thread - Semperfli

Butt section:

Body Material - Uni Pearl Mylar Tinsel - Pearl - 10


Foam - Foam - Tan - 2mm


Dubbing - SLF Hellgromite dubbing


HAIR - Natural select Cow elk hair - Natural

Solarrez Bone Dry:

UV Resin - Solarrez

Recipe By
Kyle Ludwig

About the Chernobyl Caddis

I wanted a fly that would float all day and without the need of floatant. This fly is a combination of both a bubble caddis and palomino caddis. I have been fishing the Chernobyl caddis for a few years now and it is by far one of my absolute favorite dries to fish for trout! Give it a shot and let me know how your local fish like it! It is great to be fished as a single or hang a heavy dropper from it. Don’t be afraid to play with colors on this one. I tie them up in black, dun, orange ( October caddis) brown and chartreuse

How to tie the Chernobyl Caddis