Cone Head Trout Candy

Cone Head Trout Candy Pattern

Cone Head Trout Candy Recipe


Hook - TMC9395 - 2-8


Thread - Uni Thread - White - 6/0

Cone Head:

Beads - Cone Head - Black - Large


Feather - Marabou - White


Flex Hackle - Flex Hackle - White - 3/4 inch


Wire - Lead wire - .030

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Cone Head Trout Candy

A quick tie that yields lots of fish and can be used on multiple species from cold water trout to bass and pike. This fly is our go to when water is high on the river or we want to target something with big shoulders and a big appetite! Can be tied in multiple color combinations but we will start with white on white and you can choose others combos for yourself

How to tie the Cone Head Trout Candy

Step 1: Hook Setup

Add your Cone Head to your size 4 TMC9395 hook and secure hook in vise.

Step 2: Add lead

Wrap desired amount of lead wire to your hook shank and advance it to inside and behind the Cone Head

Tying Cone Head Trout Candy: Step 3
Step 3: Thread

Secure thread on hook shank and wrap backwards to just above the hook point

Tying Cone Head Trout Candy: Step 4
Step 4: Tail section

Select an even section from your marabou feathers and tie in leaving the length of half the hook shank off the back. Cut off excess and discard.

Tying Cone Head Trout Candy: Step 5
Step 5: Thorax

Cut approx 5.5” of White Flex Hackle and tie in and secure with a few thread wraps so the tips of the hackle pointed back towards the hook bend leaving the tag end to be palmmered

Step 6: Wrap up

Advance your thread so it is as close to the inside of your Cone Head as possible.

Step 7: Palmer

Palmer your Flex Hackle all the way up the shank, over the lead wraps and into the cone. You can make a few wraps over the top of one another behind the cone to fill the space and gap for a nice clean look.

Step 8: Finish

Once the desired amount of Flex Hackle wraps has been done tie off and cut excess tag end and whip finish for a clean taper.