Flux Capacitor

Flux Capacitor Pattern

Flux Capacitor Recipe


Hook - TMC 2488H


Thread - Uni Thread - Red - 8/0


Wire - Uni wire - XS

Wing case:

Flash - Pearl Flash

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Flux Capacitor

Find Doc brown and go 88 MPH! This fly is a Colorado special coming out of Colorado Springs! Red, silver wire som flash and UV Epoxy! Great little fly that catches big fish! Midge larva flies are a go to for anyone serious about trout fishing so tie a bunch of these for your box. Red, black, Olive and tan are some good colors for this fly. Feel free to mix up the wire color to match but tie them small. Size 18-22

How to tie the Flux Capacitor

Step 1: Start

Secure your hook into vise and start your thread

Step 2: Wrap

Lay down consecutive wraps along the hook shank working your way to hook bend and back up towards the eye

Step 3: Wire

Tie in XS silver Uni wire working your way back to the bend of the hook. This will incorporate the wire into the body shape and stream line it. Wrap thread towards hook eye stopping at the 2/3rds mark.

Step 4: Ribbing

Wrap wire forward to where your thread stopped leaving space between wraps to create body segmentation and tie in

Step 5: Wing case

Select a single strand of flash and tie it in

Step 6: Head

Build a head with thread wraps tapering and stopping just behind the eye of the hook.

Step 7: Casing

Lay the flash casing over the top of your thread wraps and tie in behind the eye and trim off excess flash

Tying Flux Capacitor: Step 8
Step 8: Finish

Whip finish and add UV cure all over the fly itself in a thin coating

Tying Flux Capacitor: Step 9
Step 9: Repeat

You are going to want a lot of these so get back to the vise and repeat steps!