Garbage Pail Kid

Garbage Pail Kid Pattern

Garbage Pail Kid Recipe


Hook - Gamakatsu B10S


Thread - Veevus GSP


Bucktail - Buck tail - Primo Large


Bucktail - Bucktail - White - Large


ZONKER - Zonker strip


Feather - Hackle feather - Chartreuse - Medium


Flex Hackle - Flex Hackle - 1 1/4”


CRAFT FUR - Craft Fur


EYES - Fish Skull Living Eyes - Earth - 8.5

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Garbage Pail Kid

This fly sounds as good as it looks and boy do Pike love it! Pink, chartreuse, red and white are all good color choices. With a Zonker strip tail to give it movement and a craft fur head these flies fish amazingly well. Size 3/0 hook for the big pike and don’t forget to UV Cure the wraps!!!

How to tie the Garbage Pail Kid

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 1
Step 1: Start

Insert a 3/0 hook into vise and clamp down. Start your thread and wrap back towards the bend of the hook.

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 2
Step 2: Tail 1

Select a small clump of Chartreuse buck tail about half the width of a pencil and tie it in.

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 3
Step 3: Tail 2

Select a second clump of buck tail the same size and this time in white and tie in on top of the first.

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 4
Step 4: Feathers

Select 5 medium sized Chartreuse barred feather hackles and tie one on each side and the others over the top.

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 5
Step 5: Trim

Cut the tag ends off of the feathers and secure tightly. Add two pieces of lateral scale in chartreuse to each side of the fly. Add UV resin at this point to help protect the wraps from toothy fish!

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 6
Step 6: Tail 3

Select a Zonker strip from the pack a little longer than the feathers you selected to help give the tail a tapered look. Part the fur and tie the strip in above the feathers. Cut the tag end.

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 7
Step 7: Body

Tie in black flex hackle about 4” in length

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 8
Step 8: Palmer

Palmer flex hackle forward and tie off at the middle of the length of the hook shank. Trim excess.

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 9
Step 9: Body

Tie in Chartreuse Flex Hackle in the same way and palmer forward to the hook eye and tie in and trim the tag end. Give a few extra wraps to secure and UV Resin to make it bomb proof

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 10
Step 10: Head

Comb out and select a clump of Craft fur. The size can vary depending on the size you want the head to be but all sides of the hook eye need to be covered to make a good shaped head. Take your time and don’t leave any bare spots. Reverse tie in tightly, Whip finish and trim the threads tag end.

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 11
Step 11: Shape the head

With a buck tail tool such as MN Fly Tool Co.’s Fly tool. Push the fur backwards towards the tail of the fly. Take your time to fold it all back together and form a symmetrical head shape.

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 12
Step 12: UV Resin

Spread Resin around the hook eye on the craft fur a little at a time and cure it as you go to hold the shape you desire for the craft fur.

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 13
Step 13: Eyes

Select 2 eyes and glue them into place

Tying Garbage Pail Kid: Step 14
Step 14: Cast

Cast this for hungry Pike!