Jean’s Bunker Fly

Jean’s Bunker Fly Pattern

Jean’s Bunker Fly Recipe


Hook - Umpqua Beast - Black - 4/0


Thread - Veevus GSP


CRAFT FUR - Squimpish Hair - Silver Fox - Large


CRAFT FUR - Squimpish Hair - Lemon - Large


CRAFT FUR - Squimpish Hair - Sea Foam Sparkle - Large


EYES - Eyes - Silver - 10mm


UV Resin - Solarrez UV Flex Head

Recipe By
Jean Torres

About the Jean’s Bunker Fly

Jean Torres Bunker Fly pattern is ready for toothy fish of many species. This hallow body tie is all Squimpish hair making it light and bulky. Throw this pattern all day with confidence!

How to tie the Jean’s Bunker Fly

Step 1: Insert hook

Insert hook into your vise and wrap thread towards the bend of the hook stopping above the hook point

Step 2: Tail

Select a clump of Silver Fox Squimpish Hair and tie it in to desired length.

Step 3: Resin

Apply UV Resin and cure to anchor in materials

Step 4: Wrap

Advance thread 1/4 way up the hook shank towards the eye.

Step 5: Body

Using the hallow style technique of tying ( or reversing the material before folding back), add another clump of silver fox Squimpish hair

Step 6: Reverse tie

Push this clump of Squimpish hair back using a MFTC buck tail tool

Step 7: Wraps

Builds a thread damn to keep hair from moving and secure with UV Resin

Step 8: Wrap thread

Advance thread to halfway up the shank

Step 9: Body

Repeat another hallow tie in with Squimpish Hair Silver Fox and secure as before with a damn

Step 10: Wrap/head

Advance your thread to the hook eye and tie in a smaller selection of Squimpish Hair Silver Fox to the underside of the hook

Step 11: Head

Select a small amount of Squimpish Hair Seafoam green and tie in above hook eye

Step 12: Head

Tie in Squimpish Hair Lemon on both sides of hook shank.

Step 13: Secure

Whip finish over the wraps and secure with glue.

Step 14: Head

Pull back all the Squimpish hair you just reverse tied to create a head shape

Step 15: Resin/eyes

While holding the hair back in the position you want it, apply UV Resin and cure into place. Add eyes for the finishing touch!