EP Sunfish

EP Sunfish Pattern

EP Sunfish Recipe


Hook - Kona - 2

Thread Olive:

Thread - UTC Denier - 210


Brush - Minnow Brush - 1.5”


Dubbing - Senyo’s Laser Dub - Fl. Hot Orange


EYES - Eyes - Silver - 10mm

Top Body:

Body Material - EP Fibers - Olive

Under Body:

Body Material - EP Fibers - Bronze


Marker - Sharpie Marker - Brown

Recipe By
Patrick Hunter

About the EP Sunfish

Sunfish are as fun to catch, as they are for predators to chase. This small baitfish pattern builds off the classic "Everglades Minnow" fly, but is adapted for freshwater and brackish water species in rivers, lakes, and ponds.

How to tie the EP Sunfish