Little Bunny Foo Foo

Little Bunny Foo Foo Pattern

Little Bunny Foo Foo Recipe


Hook - TMC9395 - 2-8


Beads - Cone Head - Gold - Large


Thread - Veevus GSP


Fur - Zonker Strip - Large


Flex Hackle - Flex Hackle - 3/4’


Fur - Zonker strips - Black

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Little Bunny Foo Foo

Cone head bunny leech’s are a great fly for hungry browns and bass. The zonker strips have so much lifelike qualities when they hit the water. These flies can be tied up in multiple colors and sizes. Mix and match for two tone or multiple colors. You can add weight if you want to bunker bust and get these flies to swim deep.

How to tie the Little Bunny Foo Foo

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 1
Step 1: Set Up

Insert hook into cone and secure in vise

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 2
Step 2: Thread

Start your thread behind the cone and wrap down the shank to just above the hook point

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 3
Step 3: Tail

Select a Zonker strip 3x’s the length of the hook. Measure one hook length of the zonker strip or the bottom third .

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 4
Step 4: Tie in

Part the hair at your bottom third measurement and secure with 3-4 tight wraps.

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 5
Step 5: Body

Fold the Zonker strip back and select your flex hackle and tie in with the points of the hackle facing the rear of the hook shank.

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 6
Step 6: Advance

Advance the thread forward towards the cone two thirds of the way to the eye of the hook. The space you leave will be taken by the collar in a few steps

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 7
Step 7: Palmer

Palmer your flex hackle forward with consecutive wraps taking care to fold back the rubber so it does not tie in the tips. This will create better bulk and swim better when retrieved. Tie in where you stopped your thread and cut tag end of flex hackle.

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 8
Step 8: Top of fly

Fold the Zonker forward over the top of the flex hackle.Part the hair and tie in with 3-4 tight wraps where you ended your flex hackle. These wraps need to be tight as you will be wrapping the Zonker strip next and don’t want it to twist around the hook.

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 9
Step 9: Advance

Advance your thread to the cone and get the thread as close to inside of it as you can. This will help when securing the Zonker strip.

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 10
Step 10: Collar

Palmer the Zonker strip forward taking care to brunch the fibers back and away from the next wrap. This will help to create a better looking collar with no blank spots. Wrap to the cone and give it one extra wrap Of material if needed to take up space between the cone and Zonker strip if needed. Tie in with a few tight thread wraps

Tying Little Bunny Foo Foo: Step 11
Step 11: Finish

USe half hitches or a whip finish tool to secure your thread and finish off the fly. Cut your tag end of the thread and repeat to fill your fly box!