Mercury Black Beauty

Mercury Black Beauty Pattern

Mercury Black Beauty Recipe


Hook - TMC 2499SPBL - 16


Thread - Uni Thread - Black - 8/0


Thread - Uni Thread - Black - 6/0


Wire - Uni wire - XS


Beads - Glass Bead - XS

Wing case:

Dubbing - Dubbing - Black

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Mercury Black Beauty

From what I have heard this pattern was started in Colorado to imitate Baetis or midges. This pattern is often tied with a bead and fished low and slow,typically as a trailer on a double nymph rig. Super simple tie, yet very effective.

How to tie the Mercury Black Beauty

Tying Mercury Black Beauty: Step 1
Step 1: Set Up Hook

Add bead of choice to hook and secure in vise

Tying Mercury Black Beauty: Step 2
Step 2: Tie in

Tie in thread and wrap to hook bend

Tying Mercury Black Beauty: Step 3
Step 3: Wire

Tie in XS copper Uni Wire. Wrap thread forward to 2/3 section of hook shank Leaving enough space for the dubbing wing case

Tying Mercury Black Beauty: Step 4
Step 4: Ribbing

Wrap wire forward leaving space between wraps. Tie off where you stopped the thread and cut tag end of the wire

Tying Mercury Black Beauty: Step 5
Step 5: Wing case

Using dubbing wax and a small amount to thread. Add sparse amount of dubbing to waxed thread

Tying Mercury Black Beauty: Step 6
Step 6: Finish

Wrap thread with dubbing forward to the bead ( If used) tie off with whip finish or half hitches and cut the tag end of the thread.