Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat Pattern

Mystery Meat Recipe

Rear Hook:

Hook - Ahrex Trout predator - 2


Thread - Veevus - Black


Feather - Maribou - Brown

Rear body:

Body Material - FNF Creeper body - Tan

Over Feather:

Feather - Mallard Flank - Yellow - Large

Wire and double bead:

Beads - Black Bead - Black

Front hook:

Hook - Ahrex Trout Predator - 1


Body Material - FNF Creeper Body - Tan


Feather - Marabou - Tan

Over wing:

Feather - Mallard flank - Yellow - Large

Deer body:

HAIR - Deer Hair - Yellow


EYES - Dumbbell Eyes

Collar/ Head:

HAIR - Deer Body Hair - Yellow

Under belly:

Dubbing - Sanyo’s laser dub - White

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Mystery Meat

This fly is a great mix of a few different flies and can be tied for trout, bass or most predator fish. I dig the trout tan and yellow color combos the best. For bass all black, or olive. With an articulation and a deer hair head this fly will move in the water!

How to tie the Mystery Meat