Red Hot Chili Popper

Red Hot Chili Popper Pattern

Red Hot Chili Popper Recipe


Hook - Gamakatsu SC15 - 4

Front Head:

Foam - River Road Foam Cylinder - Red - Medium 3/8

Back of Head:

Foam - River Road Foam Cylinder - White - 3/8


Rubber legs - Rubber legs - White


EYES - Fish Skull Living Eyes - ICE - 5mm


Chenille - Palmer Chenille - Pearl - Medium

Hot Spot:

Chenille - Ice Chenille - Red


Feather - Marabou - White

Recipe By
Patrick Hunter

About the Red Hot Chili Popper

Old school saltwater style popper. Great for seatrout in the salt, and bass in rivers, lakes and ponds. I love this fly in the Fall and Spring for mornings and evenings. I tie this in a size #4 hook, but you can scale up depending on your target species. This is also a really fun tie because I use the Gary Krebs Popper Jigs set in 3/8", 7/16", and1/2".

How to tie the Red Hot Chili Popper