Rick’s Emerger

Rick’s Emerger Pattern

Rick’s Emerger Recipe


Hook - TMC 2488H


Thread - Veevus - Black


Thread - Veevus - Black


UV Resin - Solar Resin - Bone Dry


Beads - Bead

Wing Pad:

Feather - CDC


Dubbing - Rede River - Black


Beads - Bead

Recipe By
Rick Roy

About the Rick’s Emerger

I use this a lot in a couple of tailwaters I fish during late fall-through winter/early spring. I use it as a dropper under a stimulator or elk hair caddis late in the afternoon. KILLER! I've tied it in several colors but black works best for my situation. I'll fish it 6 inches to 18 inches off of my dry. The clear bead is supposed to represent the gas bubble under the exoskeleton that is aiding the nymph reach the surface. The exposed CDC tufts are supposed to represent the wings beginning to peak out. I dont know if fish see it that way, but it works!

How to tie the Rick’s Emerger