RS2 Pattern

RS2 Recipe


Hook - TMC 2488H


Thread - Uni Thread - 8/0


Mclflylon - Mcflylon - White


Thread - Uni Thread - 8/0


Mclflylon - Mcflylon - White

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the RS2

These emergers are just a fantastic example of what fly tying is all about. Imitation of a bug that catches giant fish! The RS2 is in every trout guide box and you should have the same. Tie on a straight or curved hook, bead or no bead and in a wide selection of colors and you got it made! Size 16-24 and black, gray and olive are most common. Even tie it in red if you are feeling like a boss!

How to tie the RS2

Tying RS2: Step 1
Step 1: Start

Insert hook into vise and start your thread. Wrap back towards the bend of the hook to where the shank begins to curve.

Tying RS2: Step 2
Step 2: Tie in fibers

Select 6-8 fibers 3x’s the length of the hook. Tie in the tail leaving fibers larger than needed. We will trim at the end.

Tying RS2: Step 3
Step 3: Body

All you need for the body is thread. We are tying in the fibers as we go to help create the body. Use consecutive wraps of the thread as you go. Stop befor the eye of the hook

Tying RS2: Step 4
Step 4: Wraps

Wrap the thread 5-6 times over itself at this point to creat a bulge that will help push your wing up and out away from the hook.

Tying RS2: Step 5
Step 5: Wing

Fold the fibers back and tie in tightly

Tying RS2: Step 6
Step 6: Head

Using your thread make wraps tapering the head towards the eye of the hook. It should have a somewhat football shape to it

Tying RS2: Step 7
Step 7: Finish

Whip finish the fly and trip the wing and tail fibers. Repeat all steps to get ready for tail water