Tequila Popper

Tequila Popper Recipe


Hook - Gamakatsu JIG 60 FE LW - 3/0


Thread - Veevus GSP


Feather - Hackle feather - Chartreuse - Medium


Flex Hackle - Flex Hackle - Olive and black - 1 1/4”


Surface Seducer Popper Head - Double Barrel Popper Head - Chartreuse - Large


Rubber legs - Round Rubber silly legs - Yellow - Large


EYES - Surface seducer eyes - 4.0

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Tequila Popper

Pop, Pop, Smash! The name of this fly may remind you of a fun night and a rough morning, but after you see it get hammered top water by a bass, its going to always remind you of the grip and grins you get fishing it. Nothing better than a top water eat and this fly makes a lot of noise and gets even more attention. The secret is the down angle hook that keeps it from doing the not so fun “ Popper skip” off the waters surface. I use this with a intermediate sink line and it makes a big splash and dive action with the Howitzer head

How to tie the Tequila Popper

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 1
Step 1: Hook Set up

Insert hook into vice and start your thread working back towards hook bend ending just above the hook point.

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 2
Step 2: Feather tail

Select a matching pair of feathers and tie in the first Feather on far side of hook shank about the length of the hook

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 3
Step 3: Second feather

Tie in second feather on the near side of hook and trim off access.

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 4
Step 4: Body

Tie in Black flex hackle so points point back to the bend of the hook

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 5
Step 5: Move thread

Advance thread forward about an 1/8-1/4”

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 6
Step 6: Palmer

Palmer forward with consecutive wraps to where you stopped your thread, tie in and trim flex hackle excess

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 7
Step 7: Body

Tie in Olive Flex hackle and advance thread the same as with the black flex hackle

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 8
Step 8: Palmer

Once again palmer forward in consecutive wraps and tie in and trim off excess

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 9
Step 9: Wrap thread

Wrap thread forward to hook down angle. Tie off with whip finish or half hitches and cut off tag end

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 10
Step 10: Popper head

The double barrel popper heads need to have a hole made through the center lower section with a needle. This is important for that down eye hook to get through. TIP: Use a bigger sized sewing needle to make this hole. It makes it way easier to attach later on.

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 11
Step 11: Glue

Run a small bead of super glue to thread wraps from flex hackle to the end of your thread wraps. This will glue the foam in place and keep it from moving

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 12
Step 12: Head

Slide the hook eye through the hole you made in the head. Make sure its straight and push it back over the last wrap of the flex hackle. The entire 60 degree down angle should be visible and allow a few minutes for the glue to dry.

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 13
Step 13: Arms

Using your sewing needle again pierce the popper head behind the eyes hole mid way to the back of the popper head

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 14
Step 14: Legs

Taking a strip of large silly legs select a couple strands and cut them in half. Insert one end partially through the eye of your needle and pull through.

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 15
Step 15: Trim legs

Adjust legs and trim to desired length

Tying Tequila Popper: Step 16
Step 16: Eyes

Select the color eyes you want and glue them in place. Let dry and cast to hungry bass!