Trico spinner

Trico spinner Pattern

Trico spinner Recipe


Hook - TMC 2499SPBL - 16


Thread - Uni Thread - Black - 8/0


Microfibetts - Microfibetts - Small


Mclflylon - Mcflylon - White

Wing case:

Dubbing - Dubbing - Black

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Trico spinner

A small but effective pattern everyone should have in their fly box. Trico Spinners molt mate and fall to the water to lay eggs and get eaten by trout. They are called spinners because of how the move over the water when mating. You can come across a thick number of these bugs that look like smoke on the water from a distance. Tie these in a 16 on up to a 22. Black is your go to color here and when choosing dubbing find a black with some blue or purple in it.

How to tie the Trico spinner

Tying Trico spinner: Step 1
Step 1: Start

Insert hook into vise and start your thread

Tying Trico spinner: Step 2
Step 2: Wrap

Using consecutive wraps wind your thread to the bend of the hook

Tying Trico spinner: Step 3
Step 3: Tail

Select three Microfibetts and tie them in. Take care to split them up so there is space between each fiber.

Tying Trico spinner: Step 4
Step 4: Advance thread

Advance thread towards the eye of the hook and stop leaving space before the eye for the wing and casing

Tying Trico spinner: Step 5
Step 5: Wing

Select a small amount 8-10 pieces of McflyLon and tie them in with a figure 8. Do not over tie. 4 times around should secure it. Too much and you end up with an odd shaped body.

Tying Trico spinner: Step 6
Step 6: Dubbing

Wax your thread and add a small amount of dubbing

Tying Trico spinner: Step 7
Step 7: Wing casing

Wrap a few times over your figure 8 thread where you tied in the wings and then advance forward to the hook eye

Tying Trico spinner: Step 8
Step 8: Finish

Whip finish and repeat because you will love this fly and it will catch you a lot of fish!