V-Rib Chironomid RED

V-Rib Chironomid RED Pattern

V-Rib Chironomid RED Recipe


Hook - Daiichi 1870


Thread - Uni Thread - Red - 8/0


Vinyl Rib - V Rib - Red - Medium


Feather - Peacock Herl


Beads - Glass Bead - XS

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the V-Rib Chironomid RED

I like this fly for still water trout fishing in the spring. Especially in small deep Colorado lakes. The specialty bend of the hook gives it more dimension and the V rib adds a bit of weight to the fly. You can choose to add a heavier bead head if you wanted. Sink it down deep or float it under an indicator ne’er the shoreline for roving trout. Size 12-16 is popular for this fly

How to tie the V-Rib Chironomid RED

Tying V-Rib Chironomid RED: Step 1
Step 1: Start

Add bead of choice to your hook and secure in your vise.

Tying V-Rib Chironomid RED: Step 2
Step 2: Thread

Start your size 8/0 Uni thread in red behind the bead and work back towards the bend of the hook doing consecutive wraps till you are just past the hook point on the shank

Tying V-Rib Chironomid RED: Step 3
Step 3: Ribbing

Cut a piece of Vinyl ribbing 3x’s the length of the hook and tie in and secure where you stopped you thread wraps from the previous step

Tying V-Rib Chironomid RED: Step 4
Step 4: Advance

Wrap your thread forward towards the eye of the hook stopping just behind the bead.

Tying V-Rib Chironomid RED: Step 5
Step 5: Body

Palmer the Vinyl ribbing forward making consecutive wraps. The Vinyl rib creates a great body shape. Tie in where you stopped your thread and trim the tag end of the Vinyl.

Tying V-Rib Chironomid RED: Step 6
Step 6: Gills

Select two pieces of Peacock herl and tie in the but section behind the bead

Tying V-Rib Chironomid RED: Step 7
Step 7: Finish

Wrap both pieces of herl forward a few turns to create the gills and tie in behind the bead. Trim off excess herl and whip finish your thread to secure. Cut your thread and cast your fly to wandering trout!