Whitey Pattern

Whitey Recipe


Bucktail - Bucktail - White - Large


Flash - Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe - Pearl, white


Flex Hackle - Flex Hackle - White - 3/4 inch


Fish Skull Fish Helmet - Fish Skull Helmet - Clear - 8.5


Thread - Veevus GSP - White - GSP


Hook - Gamakatsu B10S - 1/0


EYES - Fish Skull Living Eyes - Earth - 8.5

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Whitey

My go to fly when targeting Smallmouth bass on the river in the spring. Bank busting and fast strips will get you aggressive takes. My preferred hook is a Gamakatsu B10S in 1/0. It gives it enough weight to slowly sink and stay level in the water. I do not add weight to this fly as I want it to be sub surface. White is always my color of choice for this fly in the spring. Add a little pearl Shimmer Fringe and you have a baitfish pattern that will get inhaled!

How to tie the Whitey

Tying Whitey: Step 1
Step 1: Hook

Insert hook into vice and tie in thread. Wrap back to just above hook point

Tying Whitey: Step 2
Step 2: Building the tail

Choose a small amount of buck tail and tie in above the hook point. Trim off excess.

Tying Whitey: Step 3
Step 3: Flash

Select half a pencil width of Shimmer Fringe. Reverse tie it in where you last tied in the bucktail.

Tying Whitey: Step 4
Step 4: Fold back

Fold the Fringe backwards over the buck tail and tie in. This creates body and flash.

Tying Whitey: Step 5
Step 5: Repeat

Wrap the thread a few times towards the eye of the hook. Tie in more fringe and repeat steps 3 and 4 to create more body and bulk.

Tying Whitey: Step 6
Step 6: Collar work

Tie in 3/4” Flex Hackle and then advance the thread forward to just behind the eye of the hook

Tying Whitey: Step 7
Step 7: Palmer

Palmer Flex Hackle forward keep the tips pointed back towards the bend of the hook. Tie in behind the hook eye.

Tying Whitey: Step 8
Step 8: Helmet

Trim Flex Hackle tag end and whip finish and cut thread tag end. Add 8.5 Fish Skull helmet and glue or UV resin in place

Tying Whitey: Step 9
Step 9: Eyes

Glue in Fish Skull Living Eyes in size 8.5 to match the helmet