Wooly Mammoth Shad

Wooly Mammoth Shad Pattern

Wooly Mammoth Shad Recipe


Hook - Umpqua XS 533 Tripple Threat - Black - 1/0


Thread - UTC Denier - 210


Feather - Chinese Saddle Hackle - White

Body top reverse tied:

CRAFT FUR - Craft Fur - White

Body bottom reverse tied:

CRAFT FUR - Craft fur Grey - Grey


Flash - Pearl Flash


Fibers - Fluor fiber - Pink

Head Top ( Sharpie Barred):

Wool - Sculpin Wool - White

Head Bottom:

Dubbing - Sanyo’s Laser Dub - Silver/Grey


EYES - Living Fish Eyes - Ice

Recipe By
Patrick Hunter

About the Wooly Mammoth Shad

This large baitifsh pattern is great for warmwater predatory fish when they are chasing schools of larger Shad and Herring in rivers and lakes. This fly is made of mostly bulky synthetic materials,that add lifelike motion to the fly even when the fly is hovering still, and when being retrieved the large wool head pushes a lot of water. This fly is unweighted, so it is best fished like a swim bait on a sink tip or sinking line.

How to tie the Wooly Mammoth Shad