Zebra Midge

Zebra Midge Pattern

Zebra Midge Recipe


Hook - TMC 2499SPBL - 16


Thread - Uni Thread - Black - 6/0


Wire - Uni wire - XS

Wing case:

Dubbing - Dubbing - Black

Recipe By
Jay VerHelst

About the Zebra Midge

The small Zebra midge is a fantastic, very popular pattern for trout. It represents a midge larva and midges are very common on trout streams. Odd are if you looked through a guides box out west you would find these in multiple sizes. Black is the most common color though. This can be tied with or without a bead if you like and in sizes 16 and up.

How to tie the Zebra Midge

Tying Zebra Midge: Step 1
Step 1: Insert hook

Set your hook Size 16 into vise and wrap your thread to just before the hook bend

Tying Zebra Midge: Step 2
Step 2: Tie in wire

Select silver Uni wire XS and tie it in. Move thread to 2/3 way up the shank.

Tying Zebra Midge: Step 3
Step 3: Ribbing

Wrap wire forward leaving space between wraps for proper ribbing. Tie in and cut off tag end

Tying Zebra Midge: Step 4
Step 4: Wing case

Using dubbing wax add a small amount to the thread and then add a small amount of dubbing

Tying Zebra Midge: Step 5
Step 5: Wrap

Wrap dubbing on thread forward to just behind the hook eye. Tie off with half hitches or whip finish tool and cut off the tag end of the thread. Cast to trout, Enjoy!